sometimes a photograph

In collaboration with Artides Amsterdam, Samuel Veenstra, Joeri Boelhouwer and me created an exhibition in two weeks. At the center of the exhibition lies  conversation about the state of photography. This conversation had three stages: The first conversation was the one which sparked the idea of the exhibition. The second stage was our conversation with Wibe Koopman prior to the exhibition itself. You can find a transcript of this conversation here. The third conversation happened in the form of an artist talk during the exhibition. In this conversation, I specifically took the role of moderator. This caused Wibe to enter a more speculative role in the total conversation.

A few of our handouts during the exhibition are still available. they contain the transcript of the first conversation and the introduction text for the exhibition by Wibe. Contact through Email to recieve one for free. 

Handout design by Lizzy Jongedijk