New work by the 3 winners of the Keep an Eye Photography Stipend 2022

Upon graduating from HKU Photography in 2022, Lola Beekhuijzen, Mandy Nijhof and Noah van de Wetering won a Keep an Eye Stipendium, which supported them for over a year as they continued to develop an emerging artistic practice. In the exhibition PASSAGE, they conclude that period with new work. This work is diverse, but all three practices are characterized by a remarkably free approach to photography, which serves more as a motive or point of reference than as a medium for presentation.

Noah van de Wetering’s conceptually oriented work stems from personal analyses of the creative process and the communicative value of the image. Photographic techniques serve as a starting point, often undermining representations of reality through abstraction. Image is combined with text, as critical reflection, but also in the form of seemingly nonsensical additions. Such introspective elements can be read as attempts to get closer and closer to the fully autonomous image.